Monday, August 10, 2009

First Fractals

I've been playing with Fractals lately. It's not particularly impressive, but it's not anything I've done before, and it's quite a lot of fun actually - so I thought I'd post my first results.

First up is the Sierpinski triangle. I generated it with a crash happy PHP app using some dodgy recursive function (hence the "crash happy" ...) - but I thought it was cool because (believe it of not) it was the first time I've generated dynamic graphics from PHP - so that was pretty cool

Then we have the ever popular Mandelbrot set - This was really cool to do because, looking at it you would think that it would take some serious maths to generate something so complex. Turns out the maths isn't very hardcore at all, and writing up an algorithm to generate the set is super easy. But it looks pretty.

I'll post anything else I do up soon.
Graphics programming is always cool because the payoff can be impressive - if you're doing something like a search or sorting algorithm it's like - "oh, yay, the list is in the right order" - but when something comes right with graphics it's always way more satisfying.