Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Formal introductions

*Edit: This page is about 6 years old now. A lot has changed since then, a lot has stayed the same. I finished my Masters, I had a kid, I started a company. As such, this page's use as an introduction is questionable at best. Don't trust it :) *

Recently, Michael over at ionian-enchantment suggested I start blogging seriously as a kind of intellectual exercise - or something like it.

So instead of going ahead and launching something new, I thought I'd start posting more regularly here, and with more focus. As such, I've cleared away the more diary-like entries.

I'd imagine that this blog will become more focused in terms of the kind of content that I post as we go along, but what can be expected for the moment will be posts dealing with topics in psychology, philosophy, and computer science.

As for myself. I'm a software developer at a small company called Thinkopen - we develop most of our software using PHP and the Zend Framework, sometimes do work in Drupal, and - very occasionally, when we have absolutely no other choice - we work with Microsoft Products (mainly C#/ apps). That isn't to say I don't like MS - I couldn't care less about the beef people have with them - I taught courses on their products for several years and am a fan of SQL server, especially now that Management studio has intellisense. It's just not our prefered development platform.

I've got a BA in classics, philosophy and logic from the University of South Africa (UNISA) - a correspondence institution, and the largest university in South Africa. I've also completed a qualification called the National Certificate in Datametrics, which allows one to take courses in Computer science at Undergrad level without having to complete an entire degree.
I'm finishing up my honours at the moment, and will be starting my MA in cognitive science at UKZN mid-2010.

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  1. Yaay! :-)... Hope you do blog regularly. I'm subscribing...


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