Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Labuschagne - applied logic and Rudiments

Dr W. Labuschagne (Otago, formally UNISA) and Prof. Heidema (UNISA) are apparently writing a book on applied logic together, parts of which are available online at Labuschagne's website here

I'd suggest that anyone who is interested in learning about formal semantics, non-monotonic logics, philosophy of formal logic etc. takes a look at it, working through the exercises will give you a good sense of the field and some of it's applications. If it's anything like his other books, you'll either love or hate Dr Labuschagne's sense of humor - and you'll become intimately acquainted with the infamous light-fan system.

It seems to be a continuation of the old UNISA philosophy/3rd year course in formal semantics and applied logic, and it's something that I'm personally quite passionate about, but haven't had much time to look into, or do any work, in since finishing up with logic a couple of years ago.
So part of these posts that I'm going to be doing will make up a series of "rudiments", used in the same sense and spirit that our drummery friends use it - I see these as being basic ideas and topics in philosophy of information, philosophy of mind, computer science, logic, psychology and so on, that one needs to have a grip on to understand higher levels of the discipline. This will also give me a chance to brush up on my basics as well.

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