Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some useful reading in and around Moral psychology

I hope to finish up a fairly detailed post on some issues in Moral psychology in the next week or so.
So, in leading up to that I thought I'd do some lazy linking to some important resources you can find online.

First - two papers from Jon Haidt
The emotional dog and it's rational tail - this is the paper in which Haidt first sketched out his Social Intuitionist Model of moral judgment.
- a review of Moral psychology, a valuable resource for anyone coming to the field for the first time.

you may also want to take a look at and, for those of you with the bandwidth (unlike myself, who is struggling over iBurst at the moment), you might find Haidt's presentation at TED interesting.

Next, to get an idea of the different theoretical perspectives on emotion in general by taking a squizz at de Sousa's excellent entry on emotion at the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

Finally, if you think you might be interested in my future blogs on moral psychology, you might want a little background on the so-called "emotions of self assessment", like Shame and embarrassment - a useful discussion, from a psychological perspective (to which I hope to add a more "philosophical" perspective) can be found in Tagney, Stuewig, and Mashek's Moral emotions and moral behaviour.

Happy reading.

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