Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Testable JavaScript" by Mark Ethan Trostler

While there are a number of JavaScript programming manuals that teach the basics of the language, there is a real need for texts aimed at working JavaScript programmers who would to take take their practice in a more professional direction. "Testable JavaScript" by Mark Ethan Trostler does a fine job of addressing this particular concern. 
The book presents a really nice spread of topics that range from how one's code should be written to maximise readability and maintainability through to automating your workflow.

At the time of writing this review I can heartily recommend the book. The one concern that I have is that some of the specific technologies (for testing, automation, etc.) that Trostler chooses to cover may not age as well as the material that deals with best practices for code composition. 
If the book gets semi-regular updates, this will not be a problem (and this is really a concern with any technology book, but I mention it because some of the information in the book really does seem timeless and it would be a waste if the book wasn't purchased in the future because of the more dated material).

Trostler's book should become a go-to guide for professional JavaScript development.

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