Saturday, January 18, 2014

"The Modern Web" by Peter Gasston

I think that the best way to approach Peter Gasston's "The Modern Web" is as a first step in coming to grips with the technologies that comprise modern front-end web development. Reading it will give you a good sense of what's out there, and what it's able to do, but will not provide quite enough detail to make you expert in any of it.
Rightly, though, the book doesn't pretend to be exhaustive - each chapter provides an (often quite detailed) introduction to some facet of HTML5, CSS3, and/or JavaScript as well as some pretty beefy reading lists if you're interested in drilling down further into the topics.

The book was a revelation for me on several fronts, as my background is primarily in back-end development I was unfamiliar with a number of the techniques presented in this book - in particular the chapters on "Device-Responsive CSS" and "New Approaches to CSS Layouts" helped me bridge some important gaps in my education.

I can heartily recommend this book to anyone who is either coming to web development for the first time, or who -- like myself -- is making the transition from the back-end to the front-end (a line that is increasingly, and excitingly, blurred).

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