Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Full Stack Web Development with Backbone.js" by Patrick Mulder

Patrick Mulder's short (it runs just under 200 pages) book on Backbone.js takes you through the basics of building a full stack web application in JavaScript.
Given the scope the book's coverage is broader than it is deep and it does a good job of touching on
all of the basic components of putting together a fully fledged web application.

My own background is as someone who has made a lot of use of JavaScript on the client side (including using frameworks such as Knockout.js) in tandem with languages like PHP or C# driving the backend logic. As such I found that this book, short as it is, gave me exactly the set of tools I need to make the transition to full blown full stack JS applications. I don't think I would recommend this to someone attempting to build their first web app. Some experience is required (this is noted in the introduction).

Finally, I have to say I really appreciated the inclusion of chapter 10 on Automated Workflows covering Bower, Yeoman, RequireJS etc. These tools are all really pushing the JavaScript ecosystem in the direction of becoming a world class, professional, environment for software development. It's imperative that JS professionals are aware of, and make use of, these tools. This chapter gives just enough of a taste to get one going in the right direction.

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