Monday, November 10, 2014

Something a little different. An update.

Recently I've been using my blog primarily as a repository for reviews and the occasional public postings about my ongoing philosophy project.

It's clear that there is very little traffic here, and since one of my original intents of the blog was to document (which I did unsuccessfully) my Masters research, which I subsequently completed, it's not clear just what this space is useful for anymore.

So I'm going to just start posting whatever comes up.
Whatever I work on.
There will be no particular theme, no particular aim, just a series of posts that deal with things I find interesting and things that I manage to get up to.

I promise no useful information. I promise no edifying prose. I promise nothing more than a stream of words.

There are a few topics we can expect to pop up regularly, namely, psychology, programming, philosophy, and fiction. How regularly is the question.

So, yes, here we go.

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