Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hello New Zealand

So the last few months have been hectic, to say the least.
Wanna know how to derail all your plans?
Move country.

But, here we are now living in the Shaky Isles down in Windy Wellington.

The move has meant that I've had to shuffle a few things around - but in terms of yearly progress, I haven't been doing too badly considering the massive upheaval.

I've managed to make a few contributions to FOSS (p5.js mostly).

I've also managed to get some, but not much, writing done - including a forthcoming story in Grievous Angel (which marks my 3rd pro-sale).

I'd like to resurrect this blog to some extent as well. I've been reading some really great stuff lately, both code and prose, and have been thinking that this is the perfect place to document what I've learned.

For instance, a couple months ago I read most of the source for the Slim Framework, something I heartily recommend, but I've misplaced my notes (in the move, no doubt) - so if I pop them all in my blog, I'll not only not lose them going forward, but perhaps, just perhaps, they'll be useful for others too.

Don't expect any unifying theme here, I'll just be capturing in blog posts what I've been reading, whether that be source code or short stories or philosophy papers.

Anyways - hi from New Zealand. Let's see if we can get some writing and coding done.

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