Sunday, December 31, 2017

Series: Serious PHP

I've been a PHP developer professionally for many years and one of the great
joys of my life as a dev has been to see the recent PHP Renaissance.
PHP seemed moribund, but a couple of things happened that completely revitalized the ecosystem. Here are, in my estimation, the most important factors:

  1. Composer for package management revolutionized and drastically simplified dealing with dependencies.
  2. The emergence of the PHP FIG and the PSR standards have gone a very long way to standardizing and professionalizing the ecosystem.
  3. PHP 7 was released, and it was fast, making PHP a serious contender for enterprise development (again?)
  4. Laravel exploded in popularity and it showed an entire generation of coders that PHP can actually be a joy to work in. 

Given that PHP, far from dying a slow painful death, seems to have hit something of a second wind, I've been wondering if the increasing professionalism and seriousness of the ecosystem means that similarly "serious" training material has been, or is being, produced for PHP.
For the longest time there were only a handful of serious books about developing in PHP and some of them were of questionable quality.

So one of the things I'd like to do in 2018 is take a look at the training landscape for PHP and see what's out there.
Do we, for instance, have anything like Sandi Metz' "Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby"? Books that are so good they transcend their language?
Which books would I suggest a junior read to get really deep into the language, but which will stand them in good stead long after they leave PHP behind?

I'm not suggesting that PHP devs should be parochial in their reading, but I would like -- rather than assuming the "good stuff" comes from other communities -- to identify our own "good stuff".

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